Since moving to California over a decade ago, I’ve been fascinated by the ubiquity of agricultural spaces and the plethora of life that can be produced in Northern and Central California. I’ve continued to revisit this theme over short run experimental artist books based in site visits, interviews, and personal experiences with food cultivation. 
Crop Report is inspired by the shift from urban to rural that occurs so quickly once you leave the large cities of Northern California. It is 24 pages, 21 colors, Screen printed on Rives Light and French Cover. Hand bound. Edition of 15 2014. 4.75 x 5"
Locational Pedigree is focused within viticulture practices within Yolo and Solano county. It is 26 pages, 38 colors, Screen printed on Rives and French Cover. Hand bound. Edition of 11. 8 x 5”.  2014.
Raised Beds is a zine about home gardening, collaborating with dirt, and being a person in the city. Incorporating photos, drawings, and scanned organic material, Raised Beds is a mix tape type meditation on the acts of experimenting and growing your own food. Raised Beds is 24 pages, 7 colors, Riso printed, and staple bound in an edition of 50.
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