The bulk of my artistic practice has lived in a space that sits between curating, publishing, and social practice. Constantly drawn to ways of making that are rooted in generosity and conversation, these types of projects allow for larger collaboration, distribution and inclusion than my standard studio practice. 

National Monument Press is a publishing project dedicated to sharing American stories thru artist books, zines, and printed ephemera. NMP has allowed me to collaborate and publish the work of nearly 20 artists which I am then able to share and distribute via various art book fairs and events. 
is a portfolio of Risograph prints by 15 members of the California Society of Printmakers intended to expand the available examples of traditional printmakers working with the medium. 
Virtual Realism is a virtual show, digital publication, and podcast project collaboration with the Art History Babes, addressing the ways visual culture can influence, silence, coax, and command
The Google Artist In Residence program invites artists to create work across company locations. As a member of the curation team from 2018 - 2020, I helped bring over 100 artists on campus to create large scale installations and give artist talks, including Carissa Potter, Leah Rosenberg, Heather Day, Meghan Shimek, May Wilson, Edra Soto, Arielle Rebek, Keith Secola Jr, Katy Ann Gilmore, Silvia Lopez Chavez, Emily Tareila, and Roula Partheniou.
Producing Space was a combination virtual show, mail art exchange, digital publication, and happening created the Summer of 2020 in partnership with Outback Art House involving 12 artists from across the country to create multiples based work that was shared amongst artists and shared across multiple impromptu locals. 
Printmaking As Partnership was a portfolio organized in 2019 as part of Exchange: SGCI North Texas in which 15 printmakers were tasked with creating a collaborative edition with a partner of their choice. 
Great Hope was a show, exchange, and series of publications involving over 70 artists and 100 pieces of work asking participants to reflect on their sources of hope in response to political divisions in out nation. Great Hope has been shown three times in Amherst MA, Tucson AZ, and Monterey CA. 
Composite Arts Magazine was a quarterly theme based digital publication run from 2010-2014 which featured 200 artists across 18 issues. 

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