Brilliant Silence
Brilliant Silence was completed Spring 2022, but came to be over a six year span. 
The earliest photographs in this book were taken in Copenhagen in March 2016. Through the Fall of 2021, additional photographs were taken across the United States including in California, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, and Hawaii, as well as within Finland and Estonia. All photographs were taken on 120mm or 35mm film using a Holga camera. 
The letterpress text inserts were printed in the Summer of 2020 at In Cahoots Residency in Petaluma, CA on a Vandercook Universal 3. The text was hand set in lead Century type on paper purchased in Puebla, Mexico in 2016 of unfortunately unknown origin. 
Risograph pages were printed on a Risograph MZ1090 at Chute Studio, within Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA. Sky Blue, Flo Pink, Brick, Sunflower, Light Lime, Turquoise, and Midnight inks were used on Springhill and Domtar papers. Stonehenge was used for the cover. 
Risograph prints were made with the help of [color/shift] color profiles created by Travis Shaffer at the University of Missouri School of Visual Studies, as well as separations created within Spectrolite, a project by Seattle based artist initiative ANEMONE (Amelia & Adam Greenhall). 
Various forms of related ephemera and test prints have been created in the process of creating this book and more may still be to come. Over this period of time working with these images and texts, my understanding of what exactly this collection is about has meandered as I’ve tried to understand my relationship to the outdoors, solitude, and the perception of time. 
Brilliant Silence, in this form, exists in an edition of 40, with 10 APs. For purchasing inquiries, email here, or visit here

If you would like to know more about the making of this book, it's pricing structure, or hear a playlist that corresponds to this book, I have made all of that available on my music newsletter here. 
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